12.72 FYI France Resource List: "Immigration and France"

by Jack Kessler, kessler@well.com

You have reached a selective and partially-annotated Bibliography / Resource List, hopefully of use to anyone interested in Immigration and France, French politics, France, political extremism, and perhaps even the organization of any information in a "digital" age.

The comments of Jean-Marie Le Pen, of the Front National, on the recent rioting in France: [tr. JK][excerpts] --


Well, if "immigration" is to be an issue, in the resolution of this latest crisis of the French state and society -- some news reports are saying that the number of immigrants among recent rioters is 6% (TF1, JT 20 Heures, November 13, 2005)... -- then a bibliography of works on that ticklish subject might come in handy. The following list is meant to be very selective, and somewhat controversial: the views of writers such as Saskia Sassen do not always correspond to those of the official French state, or of the extreme Left or extreme Right or Nationalists or ambitious politicians or the many others who now will join this maelstrom of opinions and positions and policies.

The topic spans a number of different traditional subject areas, including immigration studies but also refugees, urbanization, regional development, international law, political science, economics -- and now, increasingly, international trade -- and, like everything else it seems, Globalization. The problem for France, like the problem for so many others, seems to be how to accommodate the "foreigners" and "guest workers", socially and culturally and politically and legally, in what rapidly is becoming an economically trans-national and even denationalized world? How to deal with one another, in offshoring and outsourcing as well as outright immigration, if Globalized goods and services are something we all want and need? Or do we want the goods and services without dealing with the people who produce them... a matter of having our cake and eating it too...

Here's hoping that some consensus will emerge, which is humanitarian and life-affirming as well as effective. Clearly France needs this more than it needs rhetoric, now. Some study of those who have given thought to the problem before would be a good prelude to the angry words which now are flying in public debate.

Some resources on "France and Immigration", then:


* Ideas: Saskia Sassen and the "labor mobility" demands of Globalization


* Ideas: Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Front National

-- and for a more complete bibliography / resource list on Jean-Marie Le Pen and the FN see,



* Ideas: Philippe de Villiers and his Mouvement Pour La France


* Selected / interesting resources from recent public policy debates about "Immigration & France"




Note: This resource list is designed with the casual reader or beginning student in mind, or with librarians catching-up, and therefore it is very incomplete. It also concerns a very timely topic, therefore incomplete again... and a controversial one, and so it is incomplete again... and an enormous one... and a multilingual one...

So, any suggestions of additions to the lists above will be gratefully received via email to kessler@well.com.

Not deletions, though: all of the above are useful to and ought to be interesting to anyone involved in the "immigration" subject, whatever the opinions expressed might be.

And no diatribes, please: these are highly emotive issues now, I know, and opinions on all of it are bound to be firm well-beyond-reason. But no attempt is being made here to resolve any of this, simply to offer information resources for dialog and discussion among those of us who face these questions: particularly to students, who will be forced to face them in the future, doubtless in exacerbated form, if current efforts fail, as recently they have been doing so significantly. These are old and thorny problems, anyway, which plague all nations, and you & I can't solve them in an email exchange.

I do not share, however, the pessimism or sense of finality of for example Alain Duhamel, who declared that recent events in France constitute, "Le bûcher de l'intégration à la française" (in Libération, November 9 2000) --


-- I prefer to think that things are not getting worse, or better, or are standing still, but that they simply are changing, and that we see "through a glass darkly", at best, the direction they will take. Saskia Sassen, I personally believe, for now has the best handle on the direction of this change: her vision is not an entirely optimistic one, but it contains at least more well-informed realism than does the political rhetoric which surrounds these issues too often now.




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