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12.73 FYI France Resource List: "Gypsies in France, 1566-2013"

by Jack Kessler,



Gypsies : not a new "problem"...
although a recurring and sometimes a too-convenient one...
every 25 years, about... every generation...


* Mar 31 2014, Update: And for some really interesting photos, on the Internet's fastest-growing website(!), see,


* Oct 27 2013, Update: And not just in France: hysterias know no limits --


File 1) From 2008 to 2013 --

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File 2) Pre-2008 --

...for an appreciation of the sheer magnitude of the problem, in its great depth & immense breadth & myriad complexities... The topic "Gypsies in France" poses questions not solved, or even addressed, by putting - a - few - folks - on - a -plane... The greatest harm done is to the people who do this, more even than to the people to whom it is done.

Every lone entry in these long lists, then, is intended to suggest a larger literature, most of all because such literatures change greatly over time: a 16th century "public nuisance" issue becomes an 18th century "representative government" question, or a 19th century "romance literature" or "nationalism" problem -- and all are relevant to any simplistic 21st century "public policy" solution.

The greatest hope is that someone reading the titles here will realize that her or his own knowledge, of one or several facets of "the gypsy problem", might be greatly improved by digging a little deeper, and more widely.


File 3) Websites & Current Periodicals, on "Gypsies in France, 1566 - 2013" --




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