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How to Digitize a Nation...

France: National Patrimony, "Foreign" Digits

by Jack Kessler, kessler@well.sf.ca.us

(Continued -- file #7/7)

Resources: Notes and References, and Links

* Academe

* BerlinI -- Berlin, Isaiah

* Breizh -- Breizh, Levraoueg

* CohenE -- Cohen, Elie

* CohenS -- Cohen, Stephen

* Conques

* DebrayR -- Debray, Régis

* Econ -- Economics (recent) in France

* Guénolé, Editions

* Hassenforder

* KerrC -- Kerr, Clark

* LevyP -- Lévy, Pierre

* MagazinerI -- Ira Magaziner, Special Advisor to the President (US) on the Internet

* MediaLab -- The Media Lab

* MelotM -- Melot, Michel

* MincA -- Minc, Alain

* Money1 -- Funding / funds available for digitization (1)

* NGov -- National Government

* NoraP -- Nora, Pierre

* NoraS -- Nora, Simon

* Oxford

* PrivS -- Private Sector

* SaxenianA -- Saxenian, AnnaLee

* SerresM -- Serres, Michel

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