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November 15, 1997 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on November 15, 1997.

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FYI France: Front National (reprise) and some good new books etc.

In case any of you think that the issue of the Front National and libraries -- extremist right - wing mayors removing left - wing publications from library shelves -- is moot or resolved or going away in France (see FYI France issues of April 15, June 15): it could happen elsewhere (think of your own town, wherever you are ) --

September 8, 1997 08:13 GMT -- Agence France Presse
Headline: Far-right mayor fined over racist comments

"Catherine Megret of the far - right National Front (NF) was found guilty over the comments about racial equality made to the German daily Berliner Zeitung... Megret told the paper that blacks are genetically different to whites while immigrants -- who she said are often synonymous with crime -- should have their benefits cut and given to French people. 'We are going to withdraw all public funding for immigrants, and give the money to French people," she said. 'You'll see how quickly they disappear, those who are only here for the money.'"

A friend points out that news like this sometimes is reassuring, in that it proves that all the jerks in the world aren't just in your own town...

On November 10 the French fined Mayor Megret 50,000 francs for what she said, and gave her a 3 month suspended jail sentence, for "incitation à la discrimination racial" / "complicité de provocation publique à la discrimination à l'égard d'un groupe de personnes en raison de leur origine ou de leur appartenance ou de leur non-appartenance à une ethnie ou à une nation déterminée".

I am not sure that the US even has such a law, and I don't think that it could be enforced against a public official, legally, even if we did. But then aren't we lucky not to need it: Mme. Megret's husband runs the Front National, which polled 15% of the popular vote in the last French national election -- a problem which the US does not have either, at the moment. I wonder what we would be doing here legally if we did?

So, on the theory that extremists of any type relish the scrutiny of public opinion -- and that public opinion well - informed is better than public opinion ill - informed -- a favor to both may be found in the new listings of no less than 7 Valence libraries, which now appear at,


-- if you can't find it on the shelves at Vitrolles or Marignane or Orange, in France's imperilled South, head over to nearby Valence.

And the Front National's own site, complete with their Mein Kampf written by Monsieur Megret, "L'Alternative nationale" -- fulltext online at


-- and sound files of Jean - Marie Le Pen speeches to which you can listen online (see / hear "Inégalité des Races", "Racisme", "De l'antiracisme" and "Message à la jeunesse"), all is available at


-- sad déja vu for those of you who remember or have an interest in the European 1930's.


One of the harsher realities in the latest library funding crises, on both sides of the Atlantic, is the demise of international acquisitions in library budgets: to FIFO and LIFO we now add MEFO -- most expensive / first out -- or at least I can't find too many books about French digital information and Internet developments, nowadays, outside of France.

So in hopes, as always, of spurring interest -- among the French for things French, and among the non - French for things "foreign" (sometimes I think the "crises" are not financial but more a periodic isolationist trend) -- here is a list: some new books and even videos hopefully of interest, for law and business and medicine and Java and LANs and policy and other things -- Websites in a later issue -- what the French / one example of the non - Anglo world (the customers!) are reading --

TITRE Big Browser, l'impact d'Internet sur les entreprises
EDITEA Boulogne : Informatique professionnelle, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE 96 p. ; 30cm
TITRES LIES Fait partie de : L'informatique professionnelle
VOL.148,novembre 1996

AUTEUR Michel Bonjour, Gilles Falquet, Jacques Guyot et Andre Le Grand
TITRE Java : de l'esprit a la methode : distribution d'applications sur Internet
EDITE A Paris : Albany [N.Y.] : Bonn [etc.] : International Thomson publ. France, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * XIX-442 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
ISBN 2-84180-134-9

TITRE Le marche de l'internet : avenir ou illusions?
EDITE A Paris : Mediaspouvoirs, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 195 p. : ill. ; 24cm
TITRES LIES Fait partie de : Mediaspouvoirs VOL.43-44, 3e-4e trimestres 1996

AUTEUR Andrieu, Olivier * Lafont, Denis
TITRE Internet et l'entreprise
EDITION 2e tirage
EDITE A Paris : Eyrolles, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * XVIII-395 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 23 cm
ISBN 2-212-08906-6

AUTEUR Bauche, Gilles
TITRE Tout savoir sur Internet
EDITE A [Paris] : Arlea, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 249 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN 2-86959-294-9

AUTEUR Guedon, Jean-Claude
TITRE La planete cyber : Internet et cyberespace
EDITE A [Paris] : Gallimard, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 128 p. : ill. en noir et en coul., couv. ill. en coul. ; 18 cm
COLLECTION (Decouvertes Gallimard : techniques ; 280)
ISBN 2-07-053349-2

AUTEUR Masse, Alain
TITRE Internet : la revolution est pour demain
EDITE A Paris : les Ed. du Telephone, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 335 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 22 cm
ISBN 2-909879-22-4

AUTEUR Nora, Dominique
TITRE Les conquerants du cybermonde
EDITION Nouv. ed. rev.
EDITE A [Paris] : Gallimard, 1997
SUPPORT LIVRE * 530 p. : couv. ill. en coul. ; 18 cm
COLLECTION (Folio . Actuel ; 52)
ISBN 2-07-032946-1

AUTEUR Toutain, Laurent
TITRE Reseaux locaux et Internet : des protocoles a l'interconnexion
EDITE A Paris : Hermes, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * XVIII-526 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
COLLECTION (Reseaux et telecommunications)
ISBN 2-86601-567-3

AUTEUR Trifot, Alain
TITRE Extranet / Alain Trifot
EDITE A Paris : Hermes, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 123 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
COLLECTION (Documentation multimedia)
ISBN 2-86601-574-6

AUTEUR Virga. pseud.
TITRE Le grand dictionnaire Marabout de la micro-informatique et de l'Internet
EDITE A Alleur (Belg): Marabout; [Paris]: [diff. Hachette], 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 736 p. ; 20 cm
ISBN 2-501-02524-5

AUTEUR Bensoussan, Alain
TITRE Internet, aspects juridique
EDITE A Paris : Hermes, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * 127 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
ISBN 2-86601-543-6

AUTEUR Cassagne, Herve
TITRE Internet pour les medecins : decouverte, utilisations, sites medicaux
EDITE A Paris (11 Bd. de Sebastopol, 75001) : Ed. medicales specialisees, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * X-165 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 21 cm
COLLECTION (Collection Medistrategies)
ISBN 2-901227-10-4

AUTEUR Fraser, Bruno ; realisateur
TITRE Internet
EDITE A [s.l.] : L. Regimbald : Sodinart international, 1996
SUPPORT VIDEO * 1 videocassette V.H.S. 1/2 pouce (70 mn) : couleur SECAM, sonore
COLLECTION (Connaitre et pratiquer)
AUTRES AUTEURS Regimbald, Lucien ; commentateur

AUTEUR MaranGraphics [adapt. française par Michel Dumontier, Robert Velogier]
TITRE Internet et le World Wide Web, c'est simple
EDITE A Paris : F1RST, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * V-213 p.: ill.en coul., couv.ill.en coul. ; 26 cm
COLLECTION (Collection 3-D visuel de F1RST)
ISBN 2-87691-335-6

TITRE Securite Internet pour l'entreprise / Terry Bernstein, Anish B. Bhimani, Eugene Schultz et Carol A. Siegel ; trad. de Catherine Reclus
EDITE A Paris ; Albany [N.Y.] ; Bonn [etc.] : International Thomson publ. France ; [New York] : Wiley, 1996
SUPPORT LIVRE * XII-425 p. : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
TITRES LIES Titre original : Internet security for business
ISBN 2-84180-133-0

AUTEUR Knobel, Marc
TITRE Racisme et neo-nazisme sur le reseau Internet : Un rapport du Centre Wiesenthal
EDITE A Paris : Centre Simon Wiesenthal, 1997

AUTEUR Reboul, Pierre
TITRE Le commerce electronique : techniques et enjeux
EDITE A Paris : Eyrolles, 1997
ISBN 2-212-08963-5

AUTEUR Piette-Coudol, Thierry
TITRE Internet et la loi
EDITE A Paris : Dalloz, 1996
ISBN 2-247-02589-7

AUTEUR Colombain, Jerome
TITRE La Cyberculture
EDITE A Toulouse : Editions Milan, 1997
ISBN 2-84113-525-X

AUTEUR Haard, Peter [trad. de l'allemand]
TITRE Amour, sexe et Internet
EDITEUR (Paris : Micro application, c1996)

TITRE Le livre : la fin d'un regne / Fabrice Piault.
EDITEUR [Paris] : Stock, c1995.
EDITION Series title: Au vif.
ISBN 2-234-04475-8

AUTEUR Nicole Tortello, Pascal Lointier.
TITRE Internet pour les juristes
EDITEUR Paris : Dalloz, 1996.

AUTEUR Guisnel, Jean
TITRE Guerres dans le cyberespace : services secrets et Internet
EDITION Nouv. ed. rev. et augm.
EDITEUR Paris : la Decouverte, 1997

AUTEUR Bryan, Adrian
TITRE Internet et la securite du systeme informatique de l'entreprise
EDITION [Nouv. ed.]
EDITEUR Clichy - Espace Clichy 21, 68 rue Villeneuve, 92587 Cedex : Learning tree international, 1996

AUTEUR Havinga, Gerry
TITRE Internet pour les applications de l'entreprise: travaux pratiques
EDITION [Nouv. ed.]
EDITEUR Clichy - Espace Clichy 21, 68 rue Villeneuve, 92587 Cedex: Learning tree international, 1996

AUTEUR Hoeltgen, Dominique
TITRE Les marchands de l'Internet
EDITEUR Paris : les Ed. du Telephone, 1996

(Many thanks once again to Patrick Bazin and the able staff of the BMLyon for their excellent selection, formatting, and provision of one of the easier - to - reach - and - use international library resources to be found anywhere:


-- also


Many -- not all -- of the citations which appear here are from BMLyon records, and I have used their formatting to present the others.)

No I don't know where you are going to find the books and videos themselves if you are not in France -- that is getting increasingly hard these days. It really shouldn't be. This is not a time of the "franc fort". French publishers should be pushing. Online access is getting easier and cheaper, by the way: hint! -- to those French publishers.

France and the French do not seem to be energized to sell overseas at the moment, and "overseas" doesn't have the interest in France and the French that they once had: something needs to be done, if we are not all to retreat further into our separate little isolationist shells.

Try your library -- push your selector, and selectors push that committee and that budget -- and your local bookstore and be sure to check, and push, the amazing new http://www.amazon.com and of course its rivals as well. These are good things to read: know what your international customer is reading -- it's an international world.


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