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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: EXTRA -- The Korean Manuscripts Caper!(?) (29 Sep 93)

September 29, 1993

	FYIFrance: EXTRA -- The Korean Manuscripts Caper!(?)

by:	Jack Kessler

Not to be out-done by the Dead Sea Scrolls Debacle, the French just
have launched a library / scholarship controversy of their own, which
may ultimately rank up there in the ethically-questionable-questions
pantheon with such chestnuts as the scrolls, certain German / Texan war
booty, Elgin's lost marbles (sorry), and "what-do-we-do-with-the-

Alan Riding, reporting in today's New York Times (September 29, West
Coast Edition p.B3), describes an incident which is causing a major
scandal now in French librarianship and scholarship:

"It seemed like a reasonable exchange. After France won a multi-
billion-dollar contract to supply its high-speed train to South Korea,
President Franc,ois Mitterand this month made the good-will gesture of
returning a 19th-century Korean manuscript seized by French troops in

The problem was, though, as most readers of this posting will guess,
that, "The country's museums and cultural institutions may be weighed
down by the booty of imperial wars and conquests but, by law, these
paintings, sculptures and documents are now French."

So far, so normal: nothing which hasn't been heard before. The Louvre
and the BN are filled with loot: one suspects that repatriation would
empty most of the great museums and libraries of the world. But it is
now that the drama of Riding's article begins: the Bibliothe`que
Nationale, it seems, had agreed to provide a microfilm copy, but,

"...it was only as Mr. Mitterrand set off for Seoul this month that he
indicated he planned to hand the manuscript back."

"At first, the library refused to surrender it, but its administrator,
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, said he eventually ordered Miss Cohen (Monique
Cohen, BN curator) and another curator, Jacqueline Sanson, to take the
manuscript to Seoul because he was assured that it would only be shown
to South Korea's President, Kim Young Sam."

"In Seoul, a strange scene then unfolded. Learning that the document
was about to be given away, Miss Cohen and Miss Sanson refused to
release it. With the presentation ceremony about to start, France's
Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe', then telephoned Mr. Toubon (the French
Minister of Culture) in Paris and urged him to order the curators to
give up the case containing the manuscript."

"Mr. Toubon complied and the case was handed over, but the curators
kept the key, requiring Presidential aides to open it by force to
enable the ceremony to go ahead. The two curators then returned to
Paris and promptly offered their resignations in protest."

Anyone care to tackle this one? Cultural politics with a truly French
twist. One can imagine the scene in Seoul: a battery of elegant
Presidential courtiers, wielding the deadly acid tongues so prized
among that set, and backed up no doubt by the more burly French Secret
Service, besieging these two stubborn librarians, holed up in their
little room at the Hotel Lotte, the courtiers ultimately grabbing the
briefcase and beating it down the hall. "'So search me, if you want
your damned key!', she bravely cried, as the angry crowd surged toward

Whatever people who read this may think of the ethics of keeping war
booty, or of repatriating it, or of library politics or of Presidential
noblesse oblige, we surely should thank Jacqueline Sanson and Monique
Cohen for their show of bravery in the line of library duty ("All
things considered, I'd rather be shelving books -- even in
Philadelphia").  Thanks also to the French for giving us, once again,
cultural politics with their inimitable panache.

Jack Kessler


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