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March 15, 2016 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on March 15, 2016.

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History classes at Lyon, in July --
books & media & graphic communication


A reminder to some of you -- and of interest to all, here -- the Institut d'Histoire du Livre again is offering its outstanding classes, and wonderful rationale for a visit to France, in Lyon this summer -- July 4 through July 7, per the annonce appearing en anglais / américain as follows, below --

And per previous discussions of these, yes, some of the classes are conducted in English, so fear not on that score -- and those offered in French are led by exceptional experts long-accustomed to the challenges of essentially-anglophone students grappling with technical terminologies, and they will be patient...

Most of all realize, as always, that all this is more than just books: anyone interested in information, and its communication, must endeavor to understand how these work in different media -- there is a history, here, a long and distinguished one, as Elizabeth Eisenstein among many others clarified for us all, one we ignore at our peril as we push recent digital technologies further and further into uncertain futures... think of driverless-cars & drones & the Everything App...

Many of the "new" challenges have been faced before, in fact: anyone involved now with digital media, virtual reality, interface design, search & retrieval, encryption, copyright, preservation, haptics, multilingual-access, even modern politics and education and medicine, needs to understand what went before, in eras dominated by print and manuscript and other media... the tools may have changed, a bit, but the most fundamental issues remain the same...

So consider a July trip to Lyon -- good air service, and a pleasant train ride from Paris, past Cluny!, via TGV -- see a part of France rapidly becoming more "typical" than the enormous and sometimes too-unique capitale -- appreciate the then-frontier town which spawned the printing revolution in France, a graphic communication innovation strikingly similar to the digital globalization happening everywhere now -- consider, carefully, what has been lost as well as gained, in other Media Transitions beside our own, enjoying while you do the French version's fine cuisine & wonderful weather.




2016 Book History Workshop

Monday 04 July 2016, to Thursday 07 July 2016

"The following Lyon Book History Workshop will take place from Monday 4 July to Thursday 7 July 2016.

"For the 13th edition of its Workshop, the Lyon-based Institut d'histoire du livre is offering 4 courses in the fields of book and printing history, taught by Ms. Monique Hulvey, Dr. Kristian Jensen, Dr. Neil Harris and Dr. Sébastien Morlighem.

"The four classes run simultaneously during 4 days at the enssib school [École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques], with practical sessions at the Lyon Public Library [Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon] and the Lyon Printing Museum [Musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique]. The courses are aimed at a large variety of specialists (librarians, curators, scholars, artisans, scholars, graphic designers, booksellers, doctoral students, etc.) who encounter questions related to the history of the book, printing and graphic communication in the course of their work or research. Each course is taught by a leading international expert in the field with emphasis on the study of original documents.

"Each course consists of seminars and practical sessions, adding up to 24 hours of teaching time from Monday 4 July 9 am to Thursday 7 July 5:30 pm.

"In order to facilitate access to collections and "hands-on" study of original documents, each class is limited to 12 students.

"Course fees (one course -- 4 days):

"Full price: 500 euros

"Student price: 300 euros (required mandatory documents: a cover letter, CV and a copy of your university student card)

"The course fees include the provision of study materials, a welcome cocktail on Monday evening and tea/coffee breaks. It does not include meals and accommodation.


"Workshop coordinators (Lyon Public Library): Dr. Pierre Guinard (Curator and Head of Collections & Content), Dr. Sheza Moledina (academic events coordinator), Mr. Jérôme Sirdey (Curator and Head of the Rare Book and Manuscript department)."





So, summertime in France, a trip-to & stay-in Lyon -- also a better appreciation for how Others view what-is-happening... the Digital Era having developed a certain myopia about that... there are languages, and cultural points of view, other than l'anglais and l'américain...


Jack Kessler





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