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Eine kleine poetry!

Hopefully in a vast variety of flavors: in Ur-text HTML, initially -- then also, eventually, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, C&F Éditions, EPub, & chocolate, strawberry, rocky road... Cherry Garcia(tm)... Ripple Fudge Gooey Sundæ(no tm)...

I'm not sure, myself, that all ebooks require "pages" nowadays, though... either for "page number" references or simply for nostalgically-"turning"... or tables of contents, or footnotes or endnotes or colophons or indexes or other print-Incunabula-era paraphernalia... Page numbers don't work, with any of them, any longer, so I don't really see why pages themselves should? These texts are not "printed" on paper "pages", any more.

Favorite story, about the transition-in-mindset under way here, is that of the young/freshman undergraduate receiving her first tour of The Reference Room from the librarian, who proudly points out the august leatherbound & gilded ancient set of volumes of The Encyclopædia, to which she responds, "Whoa, you mean somebody printed-out the entire thing!?..."


Ebooks Available Here, so far :

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plain vanilla(?)
(iPad oNly)
C&F Éds.
Two Millennia : poems online online
Two Millennia : poems 2 online online
Two Millennia : poems 3 online
Two Millennia : poems 4 online
Two Millennia : poems 5 online
Two Millennia : poems 6(en travaux)
Two Millennia : poems 7(en travaux)
Two Millennia : poems 8(en travaux)
Two Millennia : poems 9(en travaux)
Two Millennia : poems 10(en travaux)
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GGPark Ents

A tree=>


To know the place for the first time...






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